Virtual Wrigley Field(tm) is an entertaining interactive CD-ROM designed for all Cub fans with a computer. The CD has eight main sections; the VirtualTour section lets you take a walk both in the stands, on all nine postions of the field, even in the dugouts, locker rooms and inside the scoreboard. The SeatViewer section shows the view from every section in the park during both a day and night game. There's a History timeline and a Trivia game section. All the ground rules specific to Wrigley Field have been animated in the Ground Rules section. There's maps in the Getting There sections. Where's That is a fun-filled picture guessing game section, and the Photo Gallery section is filled with images of beautiful Wrigley Field previously unreleased to the public. For Windows 3.1, 95, 98 and Macintosh 7.0 or higher. 4mb of RAM, 640x480, 256 color monitor and 2x or faster CD drive. No hard drive space required.

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"Every Cubs fan should own this CD." V.C.- Joliet, IL
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"I love this CD-ROM. It has awesome graphics and a lot of information that I never knew. I really liked the SeatViewer so that I can show my friends and family where I sit when I go to Cubs games. It also helps me choose which section I want to get tickets for." J.M. - Omaha, NE 
"This is a great CD, not only can I run it at home on our Mac but I can also run it at work on my Windows NT. Everyone I showed it to loved it." F.M.- Antioch, IL
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 Virtual Wrigley Field(tm) is an officially licensed "Genuine Merchandise" Major League Baseball Property
Virtual Wrigley Field(tm) is designed, produced and distributed by
Blue Sky Graphic Communication, Inc.